Red spikers sweep Blue in first day battle, 2-1

Do not underestimate the champions.

This was taught by Unit I to their fiercest Sepak Takraw rival, Unit II, as they seized victory, 2-1, even with a cold start.

Unit II fired up not just the audience, but also the whole takraw court with strong spikes and whooping sunbacks to control the first set with 21-18. The Red’s ineffective spikes and feeble dinks magnified Blue’s supremacy in this set.

However, on the second set, Unit I regained their championship formula to retaliate against the hopeful Unit II, 1-1 (20-6).

In the last set of the game, the Red spikers continued the rally with Janel Cabrera and Aaron Baltare at the forefront of head-blocks and power offense.

But Unit II strengthened their opposition to manage a close lead. It was, however, their cold spikes and scissor kicks that troubled them with strings of missed points.

It was Unit I who picked up the lost fire of Unit II, securing their dominance until the last score, 18-16.


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