Kennedy powers Yellow cagers to championship

National SCUAA player Geremiah Kennedy scored 25 points in women’s basketball tournament, sealing Unit III’s victory, 48-42, on September 6, 2012.

Kennedy’s dent in the match ended Unit I’s successive supremacy.

After winning Game 2, 44-13, against Blue cagers, Yellow hoopers continued its strong offense, damaging the defense of the lady Reds

Though Unit I players Alona Alano and Franchette Tablate double-teamed her in the first canto marks, Kennedy aggressively maintained their lead of 13-11 and kept the ball from her possession.

Stealing the spotlight was Jemari Tolentino of Unit I who snatched the Yellow advantage in the 3rd quarter by propelling successful assists and one out of two free throws.

However, Kennedy counter-attacked the Red hoopers’ prowess with her powerful drive and sliced the latter’s hair-thin advantage, 31-30, while teammate Jennelyn Matcha cut the wound deeper by her keep away game tactic that ended the battle.

“Samuya kaya, teamwork lang. Graduating na kami, at least babayaan mi ang State na nakapa-champion man lamang kami,” Kennedy said.


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