Lawn tennis mechanics modified; Red scores grandslam

Changes have been made in the competition mechanics of this year’s lawn tennis tournament. 

Professor Edwin Romero, Tournament Manager, said that last year, they only had team competition, but this year, they added Individual Competition of Singles and Doubles to determine potential SCUAA players.

Due to these changes, Unit I came up with three competing pairs, which dominated over the three spots of the tournament.

SCUAA players Romy Abrasaldo and Ian Vargas emerged champion after winning two sets (6-3, 9-6) against their fellow Unit I, Limuel Sarmiento and John Mark Tolledo.

Jey Sarmiento and Emrys Atencia, still from Unit I, captured the third place.

According to Romero, it is legal that all units can have five pairs of players for this division. However, Units II and III came up with only one pair.

In the Women’s Individual Double Division, Krisna Visaya and Julia Romero of Unit III won the title as a result of two default games.

Also, Unit III’s Jaenol Palmes grabbed his second gold medal in Men’s Individual Single for the Yellow team as he crushed Anjoneth Solero in the first game, with an astounding 8-0; and varsity player Kevin San Andres defeated Jason Sarmiento of Unit I, 8-2.

Meanwhile, in the Women’s Individual Single, Kryslle Dio of Unit III beat Christine Joy Lamzon of Unit II in first game, 8-4. While Jonalyn Cervantes of Red won by default in the second game.


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