Unit I still has the edge in CSC Intramurals –Tatel

Though there was reshuffling in the unit composition, Sports and Athletics Coordinator Edgar O. Tatel said that Unit I still has the biggest chance of emerging champions in this year’s Intramurals.

In an interview with the CSC Statesman, Tatel said that Unit I players had individual talents and is mostly populated by athletic men. He said that this is an advantage aside from the unit’s big population.

Unit I is comprised of College of Technology. They built a dynasty for winning four consecutive annual Palaro championships.

Reshuffling was made this year between the composition of Unit II and Unit III.

From Unit II, College of Health Sciences is now combined with the College of Business and Accountancy and College of Arts and Sciences to complete Unit III.

CSC-Panganiban Campus from Unit III was shifted to Unit II, teaming up with the College of Education and College of Agri-Fisheries.

This was agreed upon on the meeting of Tournament Managers regarding the planning of the CSC Palaro 2012, which was held at the Conference Room on August 8, 2012.

The said meeting was also attended by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Susan T. Santelices; Director of Student Affairs Amelia B. Armea; and FCSC President Eric Amarille.

The restructuring of the units was done to balance the number of population in each competing team. Tatel added that they are hoping that this will rise to become a new trend of game this Palaro.

He further said that the reshuffling of colleges does not guarantee the victory or defeat of a team.

“It depends on the kind of opposition that the team will make,” Tatel said.


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