Yellow team chess stars stun Blue wood pushers

Unit III’s chess prodigies trounced Unit II’s chess whiz in a tight battle of minds during Round One.

In the men’s category, Al Timbal and SCUAA’11 player Jomar Tartacon of Unit III shocked their rivals with their synchronized moves. Benzon Tanteo, also from Unit III, conceded a draw with Marcelo Teves Jr..

Board 1 player Ryan Tapia of Unit II crumbled his opponents’ line of defense and gave the Blue royals their lone win for the men’s category.

“Nakulangan ako ta dai nya tinapos an kawat. Pero ayos man ta magayon ang laban.” Jomar Tartacon said after his opponent resigned from the game.

The battle in the men’s category ended with a 2.5-1.5 score in favor of Unit III.

Meanwhile, the Yellow ladies out ruled the Blue royals in a 3-1 score.

Methodically ripping their opponents’ defenses, Florie Mae Gianan, Chille Marlyn Vargas, and Juna Rose Buendia of Unit III dominated Boards 1, 2, and 4 respectively in the women’s category.

However, Blue team’s third boarder Christine Alvarez pounced on a wrong move of a horse piece by her rival to steal a point for Unit II.

“Pig nerbyos ako bago ang kawat. Ngunyan na tapos na, piganerbyos na naman ako ta mas malupit ang kalaban sa aga.” Former Palarong Pambansa and SCUAA’11 player Gianan revealed after the bout.


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