Unit I retains football championship title

Red strikers retained their football dominance after struggling over Blue kickers’ rigid defense at the Division Sports Complex, 2-1.

Red Striker Ivan Cydrick G. Baino kicked the first goal early on in the fourth minute of the game.

Trying to match with their rival, Unit II’s Joel Arcilla successfully stole the ball from Mark Socao and passed it to their team captain, Japhet Regime Caranza. On Caranza’s aggressive attempt to score, Red strikers’ Macjay V. Barro stood his ground to defend their post, intercepting Caranza’s drive.

Meanwhile, JR Manlangit of Unit I suppressed the defense of Unit II by bagging another goal on the 25th minute.

However, the Blue kickers’ stamina was fueled when their team captain scored their very first goal upon the 45th minute of the game.

Red strikers ended the game by killing the time in order to prevent the Blue kickers from scoring another goal.

The Red strikers said they already expected to win.

Unit II was declared first runner up after winning over Unit III by default.

Carmela Mae D. Brojan


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