Big third-quarter surge lifts Unit I past Unit II


A decisive third-quarter surge catapulted Unit I to pump-up a sluggish start against fast-starting Unit II in the finals of men’s basketball.

Unit I delivered a splendid 80-67 victory, ultimately sealing the team’s grand slam in the CSC Intramurals.

The Blue cagers started strong in the first half with 30-25 score.

Led by their point guard, Van Ashley Cervantes, Unit II sliced Unit I’s sloppy play and defense with fast breaks, strong blocks and power rebounds.

Cervantes finished with 17 points.

However, on the third quarter, Unit I dominated the rebounds and hustled strong baseline shots that signaled a momentum shift, 53-52.

Unit II started losing their composure in the more aggressive attacks of Unit I in the last quarter. They made a 5-0 run that screwed their rival in 75-63.

Shander Tasarra and Lauro Gino powered Unit I in their last minute drive taking the win on the Red’s side. Tasarra and Gino finished with 13 and 11 points respectively.

In the overall result of basketball men, Unit II finished as first runner up, while Unit III ended in last place.

John Ely B. Templonuevo


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