Red volleybelles, Blue spikers grasp early victory; ready to steal championship

After the painful taste of defeat in last year’s aftermath against defending champion Unit II, Red volleybelles spiked a big comeback yesterday by thrashing early the Yellow jerseys in the opening fight of the Women Volleyball tourney.

The opening berth was a close fight, culminating a 21-25, 15-25, 25-12, 25-12 and 15-6 alternate score of the nerve-frazzling five-set game.

The momentum of the first two sets was convincingly grabbed by the Yellow spikers. Diana Rose Evangelista headed Unit III with her successful multiple aces, breaking the rugged defense of Unit I. In addition, Roxanne Isorena cut the wound deeper by spreading her cross court shots which buried the Red volleybelles in a 10-point margin.

Unfortunately, Unit I’s several service errors and failed bump passes slashed them to hardly nose out and secure the momentum against their Yellow rival.

However, Unit I’s Leiann Sebastian, Analie Fernandez and Roshaine Delluza, compatriots of CSC varsitarians and 2011 SCUAA meet players, flared up with their mighty prowess and seized the third and fourth sets, posting a deadlock against Unit III.

Sebastian and Charlene Torreña spiked eight consecutive aces early in the third set, which doubled their inch against Yellows, 24-12.

Moreover, several failed campfires, double hits and attack errors of Unit III volleybelles favored the Reds.

Unit III was not given any chance to regain the momentum as Unit I unstoppably punished them until the fifth and the last set of the game.

On the other hand, the Blue spikers proved their prowess as they dominated three of the four sets of this year’s opening game, nailing 25-12, 25-18, 17-25 23-25 and 15-10.

After failing to grab the first two sets of the game, Unit III’s Vincent Soliveres found the opportunity to showcase his strategic play and offensive techniques, thus giving them ten consecutive points.

However, the aggressive play of the power tandem of Elton John Tapel and Jerald Alejandro caused the Blue spikers to regain their momentum on the fourth set and sustained their power play up to the last set of the game.

Alejandro, who is one of Unit II’s star players, was affirmative when asked if they can already beat Unit I who defeated them in last year’s championship game.

“Nakatuwang na nag-SCUAA kami ta syempre baga ga-training buda nasanay na gakawat na may kadakol na tawo,” he said.


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