Red volleybelles, spikers champs in volleyball tilt

Unit I mercilessly smacked defending champion Unit II in Volleyball Women’s Division, September 6.

The Red volleybelles fiercely spiked a grand slam vengeance over their all-time rival, Unit II, by dousing them with a 25-20, 25-18 and 25-19 edge. Unit I fired a flawless victory by snatching a 3-nil set advantage over their opponent.

Despite being upset on their tough loss from Unit I, Unit II still managed to win their game against Unit III by scoring a 3-nil set advantage.

On the first set, Melanie de Quiroz and Donnabelle Torririt led Unit II with their underhand service and down ball points, ending up with 25-23 edge.

Torririt and Clarice Galang continued burying their opponents with their cut shots and double digs. On the other hand, Yellows hardly secured points to seize the momentum of the game, 25-19.

Unit III’s Marivic Burac’s scored 9 points, giving spark to their dimming hope to win the crucial third game.  However, Burac’s service fault marked the end of the third set and the game, 25-21.

Meanwhile, the Red spikers were unhindered by the torrential rain to retain their title in a neck-in-neck championship game against Unit II.

Unit I had an early advantage, but their service faults enabled the Blue spikers to steal their momentum.

Unit II were able to maintain their prowess up to the 3rd set with the booming service of Benedict Molina and the potent spikes of team captain Elton John Tapel and Jerald Alejandro.

However, the power play Charlie Sales and Leonard Baynosa enabled Unit I to regain their drive despite the stepping fault of number 4 player Jose Manlangit.

Notwithstanding the cheering crowd for Unit II, the  Red spikers managed to control the game, giving them a 25-14, 22-25, 22-25, 25-22, 15-12 edge against their rival.

Paul John C. Padilla


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