3 CSU researches bag top awards in regional fisheries research symposium

Three researches of Catanduanes State University bagged top awards in the 3rd Bicol Fisheries Research, Development and Extension (RDE) Symposium–Scientific Paper Competition held on July 25-27 2012 at Camarines Norte State College–Mercedes Campus.

Adjudged First Place (Aquaculture Category) was the study titled “Designing a Community-based Marine Hatchery in Catanduanes Following a Modified Tool for Site Evaluation.” Dr. Minerva I. Morales, Dr. Jimmy T. Masagca, Dr. Myrna A. Santelices, Dr. Aida A. Dianela, Mr. Felix F. Villacorta, and Mr. Ricardo V. Arcilla, Jr. authored this study and was presented by Dr. Masagca in the competition.

Awarded Second Place was the research titled “From Rivers to Plates: Participatory Approach in Site Selection, Design, Fabrication and Trial Using Cages for Enhancing Inland Aquaculture in Catanduanes”. This was authored by Dr. Minerva I. Morales, Dr. Jimmy T. Masagca, Dr. Myrna A. Santelices, Prof. Estrella T. Tribiana, Dr. Manuel Torio, Mr. Vicente Padilla, Mr. Ricardo V. Arcilla, Mr. Marlon M. Tubato, Mr. Edmund U. Salvador, and Mr. Christian V. Villacorta. This scientific paper also competed in the aquaculture category and was presented by Dr. Santelices.

Also proclaimed Second Place (Coastal Resource Management and Capture Fisheries Category) was the study titled “Stakeholder Management, Identification of Inputs and Engagements in Community Protected Marine Spaces in Catanduanes”, which authored by Dr. Minerva I. Morales, Dr. Asuncion V. Asetre, Dr. Aida A. Dianela, Dr. Jimmy T. Masagca (who also presented this study), Prof. Sonia R. Vargas, Prof. Ma. Luz A. Floralde, Prof. Estrella T. Tribiana, and Prof. Delia S. Sorra.

CSU presented eight scientific papers in the competition, which centered on the theme “Agham at Angkop na Teknolohiyang Pangisdaan Tungo sa Likas-kayang Pag-unlad ng Bikol” and was sponsored by the Bureau of Aquatic Resources, Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, and National Fisheries & Research Development Institute.

The other five CSU researches, which were presented in the scientific research and development competition were: “Reducing Mortality in Growing Mud Crabs with Tilapia in Nylon Net Pens with Bamboo Pipes for Shelter” (Aquaculture Category) by Dr. Minerva I. Morales, Prof. Pedro Tumaque, Dr. Jimmy Masagca, Dr. Myrna Santelices, Prof. Estrella Tribiana, Prof. Linda Talan, Prof. Angelica Mendoza and Mr. Ricardo Arcilla Jr., who also presented this research in the competition;

The study which was presented by Mr. Vicente Padilla: “Diversifying Livelihood with Integrated Rice-Fish Farming: An Option for Smallholder Rice Farmers of Catanduanes” (Aquaculture Category) by Dr. Minerva Morales, Prof. Pedro Tumaque, Dr. Myrna Santelices, Dr. Teresita Avila, Prof. Estrella Tribiana, Prof. Eduardo Pena, Dr. Jimmy Masagca, Prof. Noemi Tumaque, Dr. Sonia A. Torio, Prof. Ma. Luz Floralde and Prof. Jennifer A. Berces;

“Women in the Postharvest Initiative of Catanduanes State University in Fortifying Tilapia, Packaging and Marketing” (Post Harvest Category) by Prof. Delia Sorra (who was also the paper presenter in the competition), Prof. Ma. Luz Floralde, Dr. Meda Mercado, Prof. Imelda Bernal, Ms. Monette Tugay, Prof. Judith Orsolino, Prof. Danilo Murillo, Prof. Rey Soneja, and Dr, Jimmy Masagca;

“Gender, Fisheries and Aquaculture in Rivers and Coastal Areas of Catanduanes: Analysis of Livelihoods, Capabilities and Shocks” (Socio-economic Category) by Dr. Minerva Morales, Dr. Aurora Araojo, Dr. Jimmy Masagca, Prof. Socorro Brillante, Prof. Rey Soneja, Prof. Estrella Tribiana, Prof. Victoriano Prolles, and Mrs. Perla Tolentino (who also presented this research in the competition);

And “Managing the River Corridors of Northeastern Catanduanes for Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Development under the Prospects of Climate Change (Socio-economic Category) by Dr. Minerva Morales, Dr. Jimmy Masagca (also the research paper presenter), Dr. Crispin Oliveros, Dr. Ruben Velasco, Prof Estrella Tribiana, Dr. Myrna Santelices, Prof. Ma. Luz Floralde, Prof. Delia Sorra, and Dr. Meda Mercado.

These researches are components of the Catanduanes Sustainable Technology Infusion for Inland Fisheries Development Program funded by the Congressional Development Fund of Representative Cesar V. Sarmiento.

BIFIRDEN, which is led by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Regional Office No. 5, is a network of higher educational institutions, regional government agencies, and the provincial local government units of the six provinces of Bicol. This network works to ensure region-wide sufficiency in food fish through enhancement of aquaculture productivity, fisheries assessment, development and coastal management; and reduce poverty among the municipal fisherfolks through participatory resource management.



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