Admin responds to armchair shortage

In response to last year’s clamor to address armchair shortage, the Catanduanes State University purchased 699 units of steel arm chairs for distribution to department and college classrooms.

The steel arm chair purchase was resorted to as the alternative for wooden chairs due to the implementation of Executive Order no. 23 or the ‘Total Log Ban’.

Ms. Tita M. Pitajen, the Property Custodian II of Supply Services, remarked that there is no chair inequality since the VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Susan T. Santelices, moved for the chair allocation according to the needs of the different departments.

As listed in the Inventory Custodian Slip of Supply Office, the numerical details of distribution of steel arm chairs are as follows: 50 pcs- COT-DICT; 50- Laboratory Schools; 99- CBA; 100-COT-DE; 100-COT-DIT; 100-CAF; 100-CAS; and 100-CED.

Edriel Enterprise won the bidding for the manufacturing of the said chairs at P1, 105.25 per unit.

Cherry Mae D. Villamartin


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