CSU grants Pisog nin Uswag Award to six outstanding undergrad researches

In recognition of the outstanding undergraduate researchers, six apprentice theses were awarded during the Annual Search for Pisog Nin Uswag of the Catanduanes State University.

For the Non-Science and Technology category, the research titled “The Indian Money Lenders in Virac, Catanduanes: A Case Study,” which was conducted by Glenda C. Rima, AB Economics, garnered the first place.

The winning study revealed that 75% of the typical borrowers of Indian money lenders in the last two years are, on average, 41-50 years old, females, married, and are market vendors.

It showed that clients who have no properties that can be used as collaterals for their loans ranging from P5, 000- P50, 000 consider it advantageous to concur with the 20% interest rate, together with the collection of amortization on a daily basis.

The study focused on the Indian money lenders’ strategies for attracting potential clients, which are suited to match Filipinos, whom they describe as very sympathetic, especially the females.

The research titled “Test Performance in Mathematics among Grade Six Pupils with Multi-Grade and Single Grade Classes in Viga West District, SY 2011-2012” by Julius S. Antonio, BSE-Math, won the second place.

The study revealed that multi-grade scheme of classes produce students who are better in Math than those in the single-grade classes scheme.

The study titled, “Effectiveness of Deg-Radian Wheel in Teaching Trigonometry” conducted by Edwin T. Tomes, BSE-Math, landed in third place.

This research showed that learning Trigonometry through the use of Deg-Radian Wheel is more effectual compared to the traditional method.

For the Science and Technology category, the study conducted by BS Biology student Pilar Golda Irma V. Landichos, titled, “Endoparasites of Selected Edible Frogs in San Miguel, Panganiban, Catanduanes,” bagged the first place.

The study found out that those edible frogs locally called kabakab that are reared in backyards are less susceptible to parasitic infection than those that grew in the wilderness.

Renzka Alcantara Zafe bagged the second place with her research, “Utilization of Banana Musa acuminata and Banana Peel Flour in Making Cookies”.

It focused on using banana and its peelings as main ingredients in making cookies. When turned to flour, the materials attained the standard quality characteristics of commercial flour in terms of sight, touch, and taste.

In third place was the research titled, “Development and Standardization of Pasta Sauce out of Mango Mangifera philippinensis and Papaya Carica papaya” by Louie Anthony S. Vargas.

Based on the overall quality characteristics of the products, the study concluded that the pasta sauce made out of papaya is more favorable than the one made out of mango.

The best undergraduate theses were awarded with a Certificate of Recognition, a cash prize of P 1,000.00, and the Pisog nin Uswag trophy.

Kathleen M. Arcilla


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