Ace netter Abrasaldo seals Unit II victory

Varsitarian Irvin Abrasaldo of Unit II clearly dominated the Lawn Tennis tourney in a six-game three-set match up against Unit I’s Jeezer Tatad during the final round of men’s Individual Singles Competition.

Reasserting his dominance, Abrasaldo swept through the elimination round with flawless love sets. Abrasaldo staged his powerful service aces and series of hard-hitting smashes to end final round with Red’s Tatad, 6-2, 6-2.

The second runner-up is Jaenol Palmes of Unit III.

Despite Abrasaldo’s achievement, Unit II lost by default twice in the men’s team competition, which allowed Unit III to advance in final round, vying twice-to-beat Red netters.

Yellow grabbed victory in first round of Team Singles final competition with Palmes against Emrys Atencia, 6-4. Red’s duo Romy Abrasaldo and Ian Vergas outwitted the rookie tandem of Jomar Borbe and Carl Tatad, 6-2.

Sealing Yellow’s victory is Kevin San Andres against Red’sTatad, 6-2.

In women’s division, Joy Ogalesco of Unit I emerged as champion in final round of Individual Single Competition against fellow Red netter Jonalyn Cervantes in an easy win six-game three-set match, 6-0, 6-1. Second runner-up is Kryselle Dio of Unit III.

Again, Unit II lost by default to Red netters Ogalesco and Cervantes in Team Competition, which resulted in the Reds’ immediate progress to the championship round.


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