ARI most common ailment among CSU students, employees

Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) topped the list of most common medical ailments among students and employees of the Catanduanes State University.

This was disclosed by CSU’s medical and dental clinic in its semi-annual accomplishment report covering the period of January- June, 2012.

According to statistics, acute respiratory infections (ARIs) are the most frequent illnesses experienced by most people globally. They are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in young children worldwide. They account for nearly 3.9 million deaths every year globally.

Here at CSU, out of the 73 students with ARI, 29 are in high school. It comprised a total of 40% of the total number of students served. Other ailments common among the students are vascular headaches (6.57%) and wounds (5.88%).

On the other hand, the top three common ailments of the colleges’ employees are Acute Respiratory Infection (32.48%), Hypertension (9.40%), and wounds (8.55%).

The unit also rendered physical fitness examination, first aid treatment, and blood pressure monitoring. A total of 2,833 individuals underwent physical examinations, wherein 2,614 are students, 19 employees, and 200 are from CSU Panganiban Campus.

Meanwhile, a healthy lifestyle was advocated by the Medical and Dental Services appropriate medications to 251 employees who underwent blood pressure monitoring, wherein 61.75% of them are non-teaching and 38.25% are teaching employees.

Dental services, which include routine oral examination, oral prophylaxis, extraction, temporary restorative filling, and other procedures for emergency cases, were rendered to 111 students and employees. Among the highest cases reported are Chronic Irreversible Pulpitis (28.80%), Gingivitis or tooth decay (27.02%) and Acute Irreversible Pulpitis (20.70%)

CSU’s Medical and Dental Services offers its services to its clients to promote optimum physical, mental, and social health of the school population.

Abygale A. Bagadiong


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