COB grants honoraria; FCSC abolishes fines

To further improve the optimum participation and promote active response to duty by the student leaders, the Php67,500.00 budget appropriated for the funding of honoraria, as proposed by the Federated College Student Council (FCSC), was approved by the school’s Commission on Budget (COB) effective first semester.

“Providing honoraria may serve as motivation for the officers to work even harder and attend sessions regularly,” said FCSC President Eric P. Amarille.

According to him, the appropriation of the budget was suggested by the former officers of the SSC and FCSC in a special meeting because financial constraint is the common problem that hinders officers to work productively. He added that most of the officers who reside in towns far from the university have problems in their transportation and food expenses.

Since the total available fund of the FCSC can efficiently allocate the proposed budget, the COB has approved the proposal. The first semester fund of the FCSC was Php305,371.89, which included the  Php9,360.00 income collected from the CSC Got Talent contest during the CSC Intramurals last September.

The officers will receive the honoraria at the end of the semester. Each official will be given 100 pesos per attendance on the regular session, which is scheduled twice a month, and 50 pesos for attendance on special meetings.

In the roster of the organization’s budget, a sum of Php75,000.00 is allocated for the personal services that constitute the honoraria: transportation allowance (5,000) and gasoline allowance (3,000).

The maintenance and other operation expenses of the organization were allotted Php140,000.00 from which most are spent for different school events. The remaining amount of Php89,628.00 was apportioned for the purchase of IT and office equipment.

Meanwhile, the FCSC resolved to abolish fines on the absences of the executive and legislative officers of the FCSC during regular, executive and special meetings which was stated in the House Rule No. 9 paragraph F, s. 2011.

The two stated resolutions were both approved last January 18, 2013.



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