CSC Medics treats five Intrams-related injuries

Five sports-related injuries were treated by Medical and Dental Services during the first two days of the annual CSC Intramurals.

The cases accounted for by the Medics team were sprain (3), swelling head due to fall (1), and abdominal pain (1).

Most of the injured players were from Taekwondo, two of whom suffered from sprain, while one athlete complained of abdominal pain.

Compared to last year where the number of injuries averaged to six per day, there is a significant decrease in this year’s numbers.

According to Dr. Felix III C. Ma, Medical Officer III, the significant decrease in the number of injured athletes, specifically from Taekwondo, was due to the placement of rubber mats on the sports venue. “Last year kasi, wala pang mat kaya karamihan sa mga athlete ng Taekwondo nasusugatan,” he said.

It can be recalled that during the past Intramurals, no matting was provided for Taekwondo sports venue due to delay in the arrival of the purchased mats.

Other sports with reported injuries were basketball (swelling head) and athletics (sprain).

Aside from the medical personnel of the Medical and Dental Services, 63 nursing students also assisted in providing first aid to injured athletes.

Majority of the volunteer students underwent first aid training from the Philippine Red Cross last March, 2012. They were distributed in the playing arena like the Gymnasium, Covered Court, CSC grounds and the Division Sports Complex.


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