A bomb exploded at the Senate as hypocritical Senators Miriam Defensor Santiago and Senator Allan Peter Cayatano notified the public about what really happened to the Senate’s fund: Enrile played God as he distributed a total of 30M to the Senators and Senate employees. And yes, thanks to those hypocrites—Cayetano and the three other senators who did not receive P1.6 million additional maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) that Enrile released to 18 senators—we are no longer blindfolded. Through Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile III, some taxes that were being subtracted from your parent’s salaries and the added tax whenever you eat at Jollibee went into the Senator’s’ pockets .

There’s no doubt that the Senate President is indeed intelligent, but that didn’t show when he said, “I didn’t invented it, I only inherited it” as he defended himself against the controversies being thrown at him. I have never expected him to stoop so low as to come up with the excuse that he was blinded by the money that he can get from continuing the rotten system that he inherited from the 1998 Senate President, and just to secure alliance from his colleagues.

In an episode aired last January 28 on GMA News TV’s Bawal Ang Pasaway Kay Mareng Winnie, it was proven that a big percentage of the Senate’s office is subject only to liquidation by certification ever since 1998. This technicality makes it easy for the Senate President, as well as his colleagues, to not be accountable for their respective funds. Even Grace Pulido-Tan, the Head of Commission on Audit claimed it was divine providence that finally made this rotten system publicly known.

So, when I read writer Mark Angeles’ post, “Bayad sa mga sinulat ko, less 10% tax… I felt I was robbed again by the government,” I felt pity for him. I pitied those who work hard just to be victimized by taxes and mismanaged funds by those who, in the first place, were responsible for taking good care of the budget that belong to the people and which should have been spent for the advantage of the people. These workers were robbed. At the same time, I pity myself for paying 12% VAT whenever I eat or buy anything. I feel that I was robbed.

I remember how I felt that I was deprived when I saw in my Certificate of Enrollment that I have paid P30.00 for the FCSC’s services. I was robbed by the opportunity to be valued as a student through their half-baked accomplishments and their negligence. I know you feel the same—we   were robbed. And they knew, but perhaps they just don’t care. This is the right moment to change this attitude. Go out, be vigilant, and vote. Vote for the righteous one.

Karen Ailene P.  Benavidez


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