Newbie jin to represent CSC in Heavyweight division for 2012 SCUAA

Donn Carlos Bagadiong, who only enlisted in Taekwondo this year, will play for CSC in Heavyweight division in this year’s SCUAA Meet.

According to Jo Lacuesta, provincial instructor of Taekwondo in Catanduanes, this is the first time that CSC will have a representative in this division.

For this year’s Intramurals, the divisions with only one player like Lightweight, Featherweight, Heavyweight, and Welterweight had their exhibition matches instead of championship matches.

The clinching blocking techniques of Unit II’s Bagadiong (Heavyweight) and Eric Villamartin (Welterweight) during the exhibition match drew wild applause from the audience.

Thirteen gold medalists from different divisions will participate in the SCUAA Meet. The women’s division will be top billed by Charlene Mae Eusebio (Fin weight); Charmaine Mae Eusebio (Flyweight); Blessy Beo (Bantamweight); Charmaine Mikee Torzar (Featherweight); Jelly Mae Vargas (Lightweight); and Malou Barrior (Middle weight).

Representatives for the men’s division are Danforth King Tayo (Fin weight); Jhon Cesar Tomagan (Flyweight); Eusebio (Bantamweight); Jonel Soliveres (Featherweight); Paulo Magno (Lightweight); Villamartin (Welterweight); and Bagadiong (Heavyweight).

Their training for SCUAA already started on September 9, 2012.

Meanwhile, the Red taekwondo jins were declared champion in men’s division after earning 4 gold medals. Landing 1st runner up was Unit II with 2 gold medals, while 2nd runnerup was Unit III with 1 gold medal.

In the women’s division, Unit II earned 3 gold medals, which bestowed them the championship title. Unit III claimed the 1st runner up spot with 2 gold medals, while Unit II was the 2nd runner up with 1 gold medal.

Kyle Rochelle B. Teves


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