Red’s prince infielder now Blue’s ace pitcher; Yellow homers still underdog

After years of wearing red t-shirts inside the diamond, Cly Bryan Zafe now wears a blue outfit during baseball match.

Zafe, Unit I’s former fielder and a SCUAA Meet player, shifted from BS Information Technology to BS in Agriculture, thus retiring his Red shirt in favor of Blue.

“Mas challenging ngunyan ta makalaban ko ang mga kapwa varsity players na karamihan nasa Unit I,” Zafe remarked after being asked about his sentiment regarding the team transfer.

He admitted that it is not easy to steal the trophy from the defending champion, Unit I, after losing the first clash on Wednesday.

However, in their second match, the Blue baggers hit slam over the Yellow homers with an 8-point margin for two innings.

Last year’s misfortunes of Unit III continued as they failed to advance from being the least productive baggers.

Zafe provided the spectators with an action-packed game as he refused to extend mercy to Unit III batters by rifling them with high heat balls.

“Grabe. Dai ko na nahiling ang bola kapag ga-pitch si Cly,” exclaimed Salvador Rodulfo III, Unit II’s reserve batter. With Zafe’s eephus pitches, eight over twelve attempted bats were declared strike outs.

Zafe and his teammate James Padilla’s batting set the tone of the match and left the Yellow baggers scoring only once.

Kathleen M. Arcilla


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