Yellow lady batters rule 2012 softball tourney

Unit III Yellow lady batters were automatically proclaimed champion after defeating Red and Blue rivals with a 2-0 standing.

The battle between two raging teams continued amidst the noonday heat at the Division Sports Complex, September 6 at 9:30 A.M.

Rena Capistrano scored the first inning, giving the Red lady batters an early lead in the match.

Carmi Joy Giray attempted to score a home run but was called out after being tagged
upon reaching second base.

The Yellow lady batters failed to score in the first inning due to consecutive outs by Reggie Tuazon, Roxanne Matienzo, and Joy Tomagan. The first inning closed with a 1-0 lead by Unit I.

The Red batters scored a run from Jemari Tolentino on top of the second inning, but the Yellow batters, in an impressive display of teamwork, were able to catch up and made four runs in the bottom of the second.

At third and final inning, Red batters recorded three points courtesy of Marivic Cielo, Reynalyn Tejerero, and Giray, who etched the only home run in the whole softball salvo since Wednesday afternoon.

Moreover, with the Yellow lady batters at bat, they needed two runs to end the game, and those runs were delivered by Tomagan and Angelica Rodriguez, both SCUAA players. Unit III defeated Unit I, 6-5.

Meanwhile, Red and Blue lady batters pitted on Wednesday, 1 PM. After waiting for an hour, Red lady batters were declared winner by default due to the absence of other Unit II players.

Unit II, last year’s softie champ dropped to the last rank, while Unit I finished second this year.


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