Yellow softbelles beat Blue lady batters

Yellow lady batters notched their first win at the expense of their Unit I counterpart on Day One of the softball tourney held at Division Sports Complex.

Unit III’s aces Joanne del Barrio and Joy Tomagan, who were both players of the 2011 SCUAA, together with their power pitcher Angelica Rodriguez, led the team into an impressive teamwork.

In the first inning, the Yellow lady batters scored two runs to start off the game. The girls had a number of chances for a home run, but Unit II kept their defense tight.

Despite the power-hitting pitches of Unit II’s Cristine Buendia, Yellow softbelles exploded with six runs to push their lead to 8-0, leaving in vain Unit II’s efforts to score a point.

Two unexpected early outs of Rodriguez and Arlene Tablizo threatened Unit III in the second inning, but their high hopes of seizing the championship trophy this year helped them to boost their determination to win.

The second inning ended when Rodriguez struck out another three batters to help secure Unit III’s win, closing it with a score of 9-0.

After two scoreless innings of the Blue lady batters, the Yellow softbelles found their way to win the match after their Blue rivals surrendered.

Jessa  P. Sebastian


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