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‘CSU Statesman’ artists brush up on Luzonwide press con

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Palawan – Two editors from the Arts and Graphics Department of The CSU Statesman bagged awards in their respective individual contests in the recently concluded 16th Luzonwide Higher Education Press Conference (LHEPC) held on February 22-24, 2017. Demetrio E. Celestino III, Art Editor, snatched both championship title in Editorial Cartooning (Filipino category) and Literary […]

It pays to check the label

When things go in our favor, the norm is that we opt to be silent, even if we don’t deserve what we got. Fortunately, there are still a few, who remain to be honest, as they say, “even if others are not, even if others cannot, and even if others will not”. When Catanduanes State […]

Three parties to vie for FCSC posts

Standard bearers of the three political parties—PIGLAS-TUGON, The Plebeian, and Partido Bandillo—have been qualified to run for the presidential post in the February 8 FCSC elections. PIGLAS-TUGON fields the current president of the College of Technology–Department of Information and Communications Technology Student Body Organization, Ronnie del Barrio, and the president of the College of Health […]

Not for Sale

Vote-buying is so far the nastiest disease affecting the political system of our country today. Article XXII of the Omnibus Election Code defines vote buying as giving, offering, or promising money, favors, or jobs in exchange for getting a person’s vote for the principal or causing the person to vote against somebody else. It holds […]


A bomb exploded at the Senate as hypocritical Senators Miriam Defensor Santiago and Senator Allan Peter Cayatano notified the public about what really happened to the Senate’s fund: Enrile played God as he distributed a total of 30M to the Senators and Senate employees. And yes, thanks to those hypocrites—Cayetano and the three other senators […]

Cruel Intentions

If smoking makes other peoples’ day, well, it ruins mine. The toxic smoke disorients my consciousness, disturbs my serenity, and brings my soul forlorn. People don’t even need to look up its vile health hazards on any reference, cigarette packs already waived any responsibility on the danger its buyers are on putting on their life […]

COMELEC calls for applicants to quit posts; checks rules for FCSC polls

As one of the requirements that have to be complied by FCSC election candidates, the COMELEC enjoined the applicants for electoral posts to resign from the organizations where they hold key positions such as president, vice-president and treasurer/finance officer. The official rule states that “If a candidate is presently holding a position in a student […]